How to Choose a Custom Home Builder

Even if you’re talking with another Texas home builder, it is important to be confident that the home you pay for is the home that you will get. Here are some questions that you should ask your potential builder.

Ask for at least ten recent referrals.

One of the strongest indicators of how happy you will be in your new home is to find out how happy other homeowners are with theirs. A good builder should be able to provide referrals or contact information from at least ten recent clients.

Images of the labor and paperwork that goes into building a Victory custom home.What is their inspection policy?

Various states and locations can have very different inspection regulations. Even if inspections are not required, your builder should have fully licensed inspectors out to check every stage of your home’s construction.

Do they have liability insurance?

Liability insurance protects your home after construction is complete and protects your investment from builder negligence or default. Most home builders in Texas have liability insurance, but it can’t hurt to make sure.

Are they EPA compliant?

The Environmental Protection Agency and various state commissions work to ensure your home’s construction is environmentally sound. Besides helping to protect the environment, compliant builders also protect you from fines that can cost thousands of dollars a day.

Are the foundations fully engineered?

Fully engineered slabs help prevent future issues in your foundation. This is extremely important in new home construction.

Ask for copies of pertinent paperwork and information.

Make sure your builder has documents to back up his answers to these questions. Copies of licenses, inspections and plans will help you ensure the quality of your home.

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